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Outlaw build help

How is the state of outlaw these days? It’s my favorite class but idk much about the other scouts. Could someone recommend me a build for him?

I prefer dagger over pistol if possible. I also like Ardito but idk if they’re good together.

Is it able to do endgame content?

I see it as pvp annoying thing that has tons of infinity evasion and dealing damage while doing 3 different crowd control with the same skill. The damage isn’t that high, but its still useful, at least in pvp, I don’t see many in PvE.

Scout PvE has become Clown Assassin Anything.

I have Outlaw-Ardito build, but didn’t go far into testing because the third class is Squire and I mainly use the char for setting food table. Instead you could put Rogue, Assassin or Clown and test it to see how it goes. However, for the endgame, the new Vaivora for Outlaw is a Pistol, so the game pretty much tells you that you need a Pistol build with your Outlaw :frowning:

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