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Outer Wall District 15

I left the game around July and just came back. I used to run OWD15 many char per day to make money and that place was full of soloing ppl. Now there’s nobody there? What happened? Where do people farm silver solo challenge mode?

In my server there are always people soloing OWD15, but IMHO, I stopped playing back in 2017, and returned 3 weeks ago. In the time, I’ve already managed to gear up and I can do the endgame content with public parties with no problems.
Maybe you should finish some quests to earn enough money for a disnay.

People rarely do solo cm at OW15 or any other map now , they usually join up ep12 cm which can drop vaivora equipment. You would need a party though to cm in ep12 maps

You can do the new Solo CM mode on Episode 12 maps with your assisters.

What’s the deal with assisters? Are they super strong?

as of the recent update , you can do solo challenge mode in ep12 with your assisters . some assisters are strong,some are eh. however stage6-7 is super hard because mobs are buffed in solo mode

They moved to 430 cm maps that can drop Vaivora equips and Bryknite

I’m always doing many episode 11 map CM solo runs with my alts to get silver and since I try to get AJ points too during the month I always try to do at least one CM per episode 11 map. I discovered that OWD15 map gives less silver (~1.2 mil) than for example OWD13 or OWD14 (~1.4 mil) so I switched my CMs there.

Where do you get the portals for free? Or do you buy them from the market?

You can roam the map and kill purple glowing mobs that makes cm portals … its easy to spot them and they spawn every few minutes

I have Savinose gear from Chapter. What should I gear up to next? I’m Pyro Ele Tao.

Fixed ichors first as you can put them into your Savinose Gear.
Then aim for Glacia Legenda Gear (if you want to work with random ichors) or Savinose Dysnai (if you don’t).