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Out of Shouts we need more!

Hope IMC can make Megaphones sellable in market so casual players like me can buy it.
You have a lot of challenge resets but can’t spam all of it since you have to wait for other party to
shout CM7 while you are out of megaphones. I know there are 5 Free TP’s but 5 shouts isn’t enough.
Or at least make megaphone acquirable in other contents / add in on mercenary badge shop .

Greetings Savior!

We will forward your concern to our development team for review to develop possible improvements regarding the matter. Rest assured that your feedback and suggestions will receive proper attention and we are always happy to hear them.

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Or change the rewards from Weekend Burning NPC. If you have more than 2-3 chars, all the CM vouchers/portal scrolls are too many, they expire before you can use them, not mentioning all the seeds that end up in a garden somewhere cos they’re not even discardable. Replace some of these by Megaphones which are always useful and all will be fine.


I spend all my timed CM resets every week in a day or two, dont take away my silver to add megaphones :frowning:
Im all for adding more sources of megaphones though, if you buy soul crystals every day, then you only get about 1 shout a day if you wanna break even.

i think this rule is for RMT Bot , i hate it before when this game with free shout and all chat is RMT RMT shout, i hope they keep limited megaphone

Ask your party mates to shout for you or when you shout, label it properly so that people know you’ll be doing more than 1 run.