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Out of Gabija coins

After a heavy seance of upgrading accessories I’m finally out of Gabija coins. However I will need more for future accessory upgrades as well as enhancement coupons to purify breath of power for relic. Checking dungeons as well as field drops I didn’t get any since this week’s patch. Is there a way to get more apart from exchanging Vakarine at 1:1 rate or doing Memory of Flame (3000 per run)? Party Vasilisa raid? And is it worth it? (note: with the remaining population on Fedi server I doubt beeing able to find parties for outdated raids like Vasilisa…)

Just change your vakarine coins for gabija ones, that’s how it’s supposed to work

Field grinding at Delmore Waiting Area. Solo you got about 100k Vakarine Coin per hr. Or pt which net around 200-300k.

can only farm TONS of vakarine coins and buy the scales in the gabija shop is your only options if there’s no more snek raid in your server … also … enhance aids … where to get those again … 2fhg isnt that great anymore since no more silver drops. Field farming enhance aids is kinda slow … i get around 50 pcs per hour …

Ok thx. We get enough Vakarine coins so it should be fine.

Field farming. Got 13 in 15 mins leveling up my main from 470 to 480 in Delmore Waiting Area where the mobs are pushovers.

Yup that’s the rate, but it doesn’t seem slow to me.

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