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Out of curiosity, did anyone find any use for the itens we can Dig?

I’ve being using my shovel to get the Shovel King title and I’ve been wondering. Did anyone find any use for those itens yet or they’re just trash?


One of the items was used as a material to craft a Homunculus. Outside of that, none of them have any use at the moment.

You can use them in the Alchemist table as fodder for your Combustion skill, that was the first and foremost use for these items dug from the ground.

The reason is because back in the Rank 6/7 days(2016), Dig would actually throw the items to the ground, leaving you with the option to use the AoE of Combustion, which hit 1 time for every item on the ground in the area, meaning both skills were created as a combo, and because Alchemist was never completely reworked, Dig wasn’t really changed, although it’s mostly useless now.

For the shovel, it’s basically just a tool that allows everyone using a modified version of the Alchemists skill Dig, but with 3 or 4 times the cooldown and only the effect of level 1 Dig.

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It’s so you can hide the bodies after a laggy gtw.


Good question… I have an alch. too with this skill.

u could also find special items and even hats i guess? or items to craft special hats/accesories

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