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Orsha to Klaipeda Server Transfer

This whole thing wouldnt have been so bad if they would of given LA a separate server and then region locked them. Now everyone else is having to deal with this BS.

I don’t always know the language of my party members either, whichever it may be, but I’ve been able to play perfectly fine and figure out the context of what they’re trying to say usually and even if I don’t fully understand it’s not doom.

KS happens to everyone. You don’t need to bother finding groups because there’s dungeon finder. Yeah sometimes it’s a little random but you are always guaranteed to have people to play with.

Also they DID inform you. Check out tzxazrael’s post in this thread on the various announcments IMC gave to inform you all. So it’s your mistake that you have to deal with. Nothing is stopping you from creating a new team in Klai and remaking.

Yes, especially those poor ones who are allergic to Portuguese and Spanish. They get physical life threatening symptoms when they read something written in those languages if they don’t have expensive special filters installed on their monitors :cry:

Because of this, no one should even bother thinking how these damned LA players have to deal with the BS of monolingual racists throwing at them left and right.

oh ■■■■ off with that retarded bs.

Wanting to play with your own is not racist at all. Brazilians want to play with Brazilians…should we call them racist?

God forbid we want to play only with people we can understand. Take your liberal multiculturalism elsewhere.

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You were talking about region locks though. What about those LA players who would want to play with people from other parts of the world? Or those who would want to play with south-American players?

Either stay racist and do it like a man or stop it all together. Don’t go around making racist suggestions and then claiming not being a narrow minded racist yourself. Language barriers are one thing, calling it BS when people speak other languages and wishing region locks on them is another, and this behaviour clearly has racist motives behind it.

how is that racist? Do you know that Brazil is made up of many races and not just hispanic/latin? Are you retarded?

Seriously shut up. If anything it helps relegate population, language barriers and server stability. Having specific servers for specific parts of the world isnt racist. If everyone all over the world dogpiled onto one server OF COURSE you will have problems.

But no, you want to run around and scream “HE IS BEING RACIST”.

Fine call me racist, ill just call you stupid.

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They didn’t post anything on the steam forums Raven. Most of us only came here to these forums when someone told us about them.

Also Nyypa you’re using that term wrong. It’s not racist. It had nothing to do with the color of their skin.

I’ve been targeted and harassed by non English speaking players on the localized english translated server because I didn’t speak Portuguese.

I put a ticket in wanting to get away from that harassment and be moves. Only to have that ticket never replied to and learn that the founders transfers are only to EU and SEA. That’s pretty fked honestly.

Also you cant be racist against a country. Use the word correctly ffs.

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See Squirrel gets it.
If I want to play with my European friends. I join their server.
If I want to play with my Philapino friends I join their server.
If I want to play with my North American friends… why would I purposely join the South American server.

You see the failure in logic there right?

Watch out, you will be racist for that kind of thinking! In this multicultural day and age if you think like that you will be sent to a sensitivity camp and reformed to fit in line with this cultural marxism!

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No one ever promised you could transfer between Klaipeda and Orsha.

The one-time transfer for founders is anything but arbitrary. After all, Klaipeda and Orsha were available from the get-go.

As for Team Names, they have offered a free Team Name change, and there’s already another one scheduled. That’s more than enough to make up for their so-called entirely wrong FAQ.

Please no, i have lots of NA friends i prefer playing with.

I didn’t want to have a negative experience on Orsha

or to play without my friends :slight_smile:

Yeah, I saw the deletion thing. But I would have had to stay on top of this super intensely until the names were wiped to get my name back. I just wanted to go with a safe transfer. Also, after the launch delays and whatnot, I wasn’t exactly super confident that the names would even by wiped at the time they said they would be. Thanks for understanding :slight_smile:

Whatever you say, troll.

I’m actually going to respond to this, because I think it’s hilarious how stupid some people can be. Ok, here we go!

And IMC has never promised that they won’t shut down the game forever in a week. And they haven’t promised that they won’t turn the game into a MOBA so it will be more popular in the West. IMC hasn’t promised that they won’t do a server wipe. What’s your point?

Klaipeda was available from the get-go? Cool story. I’m pretty sure most of us thought Klaipeda was super dead for the first day. It was also the server you had to wait for five minutes without any indication to log in to. (Once that method was discovered). A lot of us thought it was dead.

Yeah, they change your name, supposedly with a maintenance, and you get to scramble back and hope you get your name back. Sounds great. Except not. I’ve waited this long for the transfer rounds; may as well wait a little longer.

Spoilers: I wasn’t up at 6:37am because I was having such a fun time playing the game.

So-called by who? Me? Where did I ever say that again? That sounds pretty dubious. In super-villain territory, even.

it’s 2 completely separate offers.

  • “one time server transfer to a NEW server that opens after the f2p release, 3 weeks after the server has opened.”
  • “different one time offer to transfer to a starting server that better suits your global region.”

Orsha and Klai don’t apply to a transfer for global region, because they both serve the same region.
Orsha and Klai don’t apply to the one-time new server transfer, because they aren’t new post-f2p servers.

it’s even under the heading of [Transition to F2P and Additional Worlds]. you can’t just pick out only the details you -want- to apply to the situation.


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You do know that making up a quote and slapping quotation marks around it doesn’t actually make it a legitimate quote, right?

“I enjoy slapping monkey butts.” -Abraham Lincoln

It’s not how that works. Neither of your two quotes are in that article.


my apologies. i was trying to summarize it for you, since you seem to have trouble following what they wrote.

Please refer to this thread I had made regarding Orsha to Klaipeda transfers and support me!

The “all four teams” refers to my post in that thread where I gave examples of switching between various servers, including someone who transfers this week. So at the very least, you and your friends can transfer to a new server together, for free, even if transferring between Orsha and Klaipeda is not possible.

REALLY wish they would let us transfer OFF the Orsha to Kal. Getting Tired of being stuck on the BR server.