[Orsha] Café is Recruiting! :D (Social/PVP/GVG/English)


Our GVG vids from the last couple nights are up, vs Ravens, Impetus and Asperity round 2


We had some gems in last night’s TBL.



bump - this guild is awesome! 10/10 would join if I was on orsha


10/10 would nab and nap


Yesterday’s GVG with Ravens is up

I wasn’t gonna post the Asperity one cause… IT WAS PAINFUL.





Sappii you owe me 25 portiums man. Those took time to farm… I trusted u when u said u were gonna pay me back… :anguished:


@life887788tried to pm you in-game but maybe it bugged i got your stuff lol.


yeah ive been trying to reach u all day. ill try to hang in fed ch2 maybe ill catch u there. Seems like pm doesnt work…


:confused: Welp…guess here we are.


I’d recommend being wary of this guild. Their openness is welcoming but leadership is rather hypocritical in their stance on things. If you can mesh, you’ll have fun. If you don’t, expect to be kicked without any warning or word.

Very cliquey guild but if you can worm your way into the “inner circle” you’ll have a good time.


Marm… if I can be honest with you, you’re speaking out of hurt from being removed. Get some coffee and breathe hun <3





We are currently 28/29 and are still recruiting as long as you are active :fearful:


Team Name: SlappyJoe
Level/Class: 330 Musketeer
Activity Level: Yes
Language: Chinese
Tell Us About Yourself: Sappi’s Husbando. Also want to be in top GBL guild
Voice Chat Y/N: Y


Team Name: JlappySoe
Level/Class: 330 Hakkapelle
Activity Level: Yes
Language: Hakka dialect of Chinese
Tell Us About Yourself: Hakkapelle OP
Voice Chat Y/N: Y


Team Name: Dogeros
Level/Class: 330 Cryo/Chrono/Sage Full Miki
Activity Level: Yes Hardcore
Language: La wea que querai :u
Timezone: Yes
Tell Us About Yourself: I want Eat Tacos & Play Hatoful Boyfriend 2
Voice Chat Y/N: I’m deaf mute


Team Name: Jace
Level/Class: 226 Necro
Activity Level: AFK
Language: World Boss
Timezone: 4 hours ~ 8 hours CD
Tell Us About Yourself: Noob
Voice Chat Y/N: No