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Order your news by "Recently updated"

Hello there.

It seems that your website doesn’t update the date of the post, it keeps displaying the date the post was made instead of the date it was updated.
In my option it should display both and the recently updated should come on top.

As you can see the “News page” in the image below:

The extended maintenance is listed bellow other post, which I believe was updated before the extended maintenance one.

Even on the forum, the post keeps displaying an old date:

And on the “News and announcements” category it is not displayed at all:

That may be one of the reasons users think you guys aren’t communicating enough with them. And I also recommend you guys to keep the date/time of each post instead of the date only.


Sorry for tagging you, if you think it is unnecessary, but since it is usually something easy to do and could enhance the user experience while reading the news, I thought it would do no harm to tag you here.

Best regards.


I agree, it would be much better if they organized it like you said.