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Oracle Skill confuse

Dear TOS Good Mate,

What is the skill build for Oracle?
and Divine Might level up it said applied 10time what does it mean?

Guys please help


The skills always depends on the build.

It means for the duration of the buff, the next 10 skills you use get +1 on their skill level

Skill build really depends on what is the use of Oracle in your build, full support or shop. But I’m pretty sure every Oracle has Death Sentence and Foretell maxed, probably Prophecy too because of its attribute.

The “Applies 10 times” from Divine Might means you can get the +1 skill level for the next 10 skills you use. After using all 10 it will remove the buff even if it still has some duration remaining, so best to keep casting every time because allies will use their charges quickly.