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Oracle [Arts] Foretell: Ominous Prophecy

Hi all, is this art any good? In what situation would it be better than the normal foretell without art?

I still think it’s close to useless…

I do not have this art on my oracle, but one guild member told me it is good, and it is better if we alter from foretell with art and without art. I did not see anyone using foretell with art, tho.

  • Changes [Foretell] to magic circle which applies to the enemy
  • Decreases damage received from the enemy by [skill level * 2]%

So this art reduces damage receive from enemies within the circle,

Now in the event of single enemy, say boruta and have foretell with maxed skill level and maxed attribute, do you have more damage reduction with or without art?

In my opinion, the arts work in the situation where allies spread out and the enemies static or stay at a certain spot for a few duration.
in a situation like cm where allies gather at one spot, it is better to use foretell w/o arts

I tested it with a few numbers of cm7’s bosses, the result I could say its better reduction without arts.

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This is the main problem with this art imo. It could be okay if it would apply a debuff that stays on the enemy even when they leave the circle…but like this it’s kinda random if anything will stay in the circle. Also could have more duration…

I think like almost everywhere where the boss doesn’t move much… you can also just stay in the original one…idk… I just don’t see the situation where it works that well and better than the original.

the ARTs turn foretell into a debuff, so you can stack a normal foretell and a ARTS one with double oracles, its a OK art for stacking foretells, in Boruta, double healer raids etc.

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But there is a cd on Fortell so why wouldn’t you just use it in turns? Even at Boruta I don’t think normal fortell affects anyone outside of your party or is it? …and I don’t think there would be like 4 oracles in one party just for this(3normal 1 debuff).
If normal affects ppl outside of your party I get that but otherwise it still doesn’t make sense. Also still you would need like 4 parties with 1-1 oracles.

hmmm…maybe the debuff affects everyone? I mean I guess it should because it reduces the damage of enemies… maybe this is its usage? to be able to protect more ppl a bit than your own party? idk
At least I see some light in the darkness…but that’s still quite situational and not sure if it’s super great.
I would say… it’s for gvg and boruta then?

This Art is useful when doing CM with assisters / Sole Hunt with Assisters, because you can’t buff them, so you turn Foretell into a debuff for the enemy.

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