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Optimization Patch Reverted

I’m fairly sure the optimization patch was somehow reverted / corrupted since the last patch (onmyoji / ret). Many people have been complaining about the stuttering, and I honestly feel that it’s exactly as it was BEFORE the optimization patch. This suspicion is even moreso garnered due to circumstances surrounding an issue that started occurring AFTER the optimization patch, which is now gone. To explain:

After the optimization patch was implemented, I noticed that, when sprinting on my swordsman characters, if I were to run out of stamina I would rapidly rubberband. This would prevent me from moving further, until I regained at least one point of stamina. Once again, this only started happening AFTER the optimization patch. Now, when I run out of stamina, this DOES NOT occur. Rather, my character now is forced into a slow walk animation, which smoothly plays after I have 0 stamina. This is what also happened during these circumstances BEFORE the optimization patch.

I don’t think it’s out of the question to investigate this possibility. I’m sure doing another field boss “event” test would provide more concrete results for the staff, but, it seems pretty safe to say that the most recent patch has had some effect on the client’s performance.

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Which is sure, is that the beheaded soldiers are no more, so maybe they didn’t reapply the patch on the onmyoji/retiari code. I need to check my QS later to see if the animation bug is gone too…