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"Operation Outer Wall Core Retrieval" Quest bug

Date and Time : 05/02/19 GMT+8 09:55

Server Name: [SEA] Telsial

Team Name: YuriMistress

Character Name: Lumi

Bug Description :
The quest “Operation Outer Wall Core Retrieval” seems to be bugged
You have to interact with 4 light pillars and then the red triangle thing at the center
I was unable to interact with the red triangle thing

Actually, same issue as this thread :

but I have tired the solutions in the thread and it didn’t work for me…

Please help, Thank you!

Screenshots / Video :

You might notice the ‘Neutrality buff icon’ there when I press interact but nothing happen

What I have tried -

  • change control mode and restart the game (like in that thread)
    and even did it on 2 different PCs
    -abandon quest and start it again
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I advice doing them with a party as lag can make this kind of quests annoying or impossible to do alone…

invite someone who is on the same quest so both can complete it :wink:

I did that quest yesterday by switching channels after shutting all lights off.

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same problem here any help here?

i’ve complete this quest only mouse mode, try this way