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Open letter to IMC and the Community about the founders incident

I have to say this: IMC lost a lot of trust and respect from me.
Yes, i agree that it is good to listen to the community, but you also need to consider that the people whining and complaining may be the loudest, but they are usually not the majority.

IMC announced a plan and a release date. If there is one thing a company should do is stick to their announcements. If you are unsure, ask the community in advance. That’s totally viable. But NEVER make promises that you won’t keep.

Many people planned around the 22th release and they were right to do so. Many of you might be too young to understand but if you work 40-50h a week in a leadership position and also have family and kids you need to take a few days of to enjoy a game properly. It has nothing todo with having no live and such, quite the contrary. You have so many responsibilities beside the job that even if you take a few days of you are still only left with 5-6h gaming per day at MAX. And usually even being able to take a few days of needs preparation and overtime at work, just so you can leave for a few days without leaving a mess behind. Trust me, the ones that don’t understand now will in 10-20 years when they are older.
On top IMC even promised no changes in release date no matter the poll results. A promise they could not keep.

The next problem is the steam release itself. It currently is a mess. In just one day the reviews have gone down from 95% by 10% to 85% and still declining. around 90% of the negative reviews evolve around one thing: the game being available on the store with DLC (founder packs) but no server showing up. Yes, people could read the store text, but lets be honest: nearly no one does. That’s just how these digital stores work. The situation would have been a little better if the game launched on the 22nd but still not much. But imo all this back and forth put IMC in a though spot and all the preparation they have done had to be scrapped. Resulting in that mess we currently have.

Finally i would like to address the false impression IMC got from the community which frankly acted like little kids that someone stole their favourite toy from.
In the vote the majority of people voted for plan 2 because of the simple reason it had the best bang for the buck. In a vote before that, 40% expressed being ok with the 3 months staggered plan. And also on steam the 50$ option charted at top 3 sales for 1 day with the other two options nowhere to be seen on the store charts (and charts only take copies sold into account, not revenue generated), so the 50$ weren’t such a big issue for many after all.
Also Take into consideration that people usually tend to complain a lot but nearly never express their happiness on a forum, which means the majority of people voting have been the ones unhappy, while most of the people who where happy with the old plan never complained and got active on the forum. All these facts bring me too the conclusion that the old plan never was a problem for the majority.

I think IMC has a lot to learn about the western players. Koreans are very polite and calm(i lived and worked in Korea for several months). A shitstorm like we have seen in the past days is something you would never so on a korean forum. And i puts me in great shame to see how childish and immature many of you acted.
So for them coming from a very different culture it was hard to grasp what was really going on. For them it was red alert while what we have seen is just western gamers being the unpolite and “i am entitled to this and that” crowd they sadly tend to be.

So i hope IMC won’t let them self be pushed around by the trolls and haters anymore in the future otherwise i see no bright future for the game.


I completely agree with you, however there is still the possibility that they can see the error in their ways and change the date again to either be the 22nd as originally said, or within a few days of this, rather than a whole week.

So what the point? Is there any suggestions or just another arrogant speech?
Useless, arrogant and mean opinion.


They did not promise that.
What they said was, the poll results would not affect when the game will be playable now that they’ve had to reconsider and change their plan. In other words, the early-access would have been 29.3. no matter how the poll turned out. The point was not that the EA stays the same as before the whole “uproar”. Otherwise they would have just written: the EA-start stays 22.3.


If you read this one Announcement Regarding Changes in Plans (Poll Closed)?

it says “Service shall start on a similar date regardless of which option is chosen.”

A week ahead of the similar date (22nd) is no longer a similar date.

1-3 days delay, that’s more of a similar date and something I personally could accept. However I find it outrageous to delay it for a whole week and going against what they said.

Never listen to those people… they are the cancer of gaming.
I watched wow and a lot of other mmos degrade into shallow **** because of these “loudest” overly vocal little dip****s.

On topic: You listed inconveniences and evergreen arguments such as:

  • I have to wait 6 more days for release now (Get scarred for life… i mean, the sheer mental trauma this can cause is absolutely no joke)
  • I dont have time to play this (Then dont. Seriously, DONT. The expectation that an entire game and the rest of the world should just spin up and in the process lose its value, is unhinged.) P.s.: Im saying this as someone who works 4 shifts, doing 12 hours without holidays or weekends.
  • Steam reviews (On a platform where trolls are allowed to vote with reviews such as “my p@nis got stuck in this”… lets just say nobody cares. Those who do… well, its a loss for them)
  • Community being kids: You dont say.

March 2x or March 2x IS a similar date.

This is a nonsense cry.


So, they intentionally used a vague word like “similar” instead of something clear and specific, and you act like they went out of their way to trick you, right?

There is a message, which i tried my best to get across. And there is nothing arrogant about trying to stay objective and clam.
Your post is of useless and aggressive nature.


It is a vastly different span of time and something that should not have been touched at all to begin with.

I never said they tricked me, what I am saying is that I do not agree with their choice and feel that it is NOT a similar date like they said.

Why is every 3rd post about this… We get it you wanna play, so do we.

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Jeez seeing a post about this every third topic is getting kind of annoying. This coming from someone that did not even play the closed beta…is this the type of community I am going to a part of going forward? We get it you put your vacation time around the day of the launch or to some even CANCELLED vacation to play which is just weird to me. Yeah it sucks get over it.


this post is not about me wanting to play.
it is ment to stop things like this to happen again.
People are now starting to complain about the token system, about p2w accessories etc. I want IMC to stay confident and not gradually let the few and very active complainers slowly change and ultimately destroy the game.


Tbh i stopped reading after awhile cos i had seen so many posts complaining :stuck_out_tongue:

Sadly it will come to this…

Well then this time was a special occasion

I totally agree with this

You’re getting this only now? Even during the shitsotrm it was extremely clear that the problem had never been the money if not for a real minority of people.

Well then i’m sorry but you’re not thinking straing… and no, i’m not saying this because i want to be offensive but it’s true… it’s kind of impossible to think this if you’re able to use a little bit of logic. But i can understand you because this part is not spoken by you directly but by the sad part of you that wanted the original plan to go on.

Maybe so… but in korea the game is dying already… i’d rather have shitsorming players that help me build a succesful game even by complaining than going bankrupt because “etiquette” tell them not to say anything and just stop playing and complain after.

If you still don’t get the fact that if IMC didn’t change plans they would have lost 50%-80% of the playerbase before the game was ever released i really don’t know what to tell you.

I totally agree with this… too bad the people complaining were not trolls and haters if not in a minimal part.

Well man you got a lot of points totally wrong but i commend you for managing to write a quite polite letter… even if it’ll be almost impossible to have anything good come out of this since you basically just dropped an useless bait for haters.


OP, well done and mature post. Would read again.


The only message in your post is you get few days off around 22th but IMC changed game start and you’re whining about it. They don’t give you any promises, they’ve anounced game start, but cause of some circumstances they had to delay it.
So there’s no point, no suggestions, only whining. So how do you distinguish from the kids you were talking about?


Then let them ***** about the token system.
Why should i give a wet **** about a system that comes with shallow privileges such as 30% extra xp? And +x walk speed? The only thing that rubs me wrong is the dungeon cool downs, but even that is no issue as long there is enough content in the non instanced layers.

Btw do you know what 30% xp translates to? 50% less drops and quests finished, because blazed through a region quicker.