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First build idea, trying to max hit count for warlocks Darkness.
Would i be able to use backmasking and pass to keep pole of agony up frequent well i use ying yang?
Is the bonus holy dmg from mastema any good? i cant find numbers on it.
and in general would this build be good at all?

this is what i have planned for skill lvs

Just to let you know. Yinyang is a “fake multihit” skill which means each 10 hits is only a single hit functionally (except for damage cap/damage vs structures purposes)

For your building:

I suggest:

  • Onmyoji:
    fire fox 1 and genbu 1,
    toyou 10, white tiger 15 and Yin Yang 5.
    You have 13 points left that you can put on water shikigami or greenwood or distribute between them.

  • Warlock:
    Demon Scratch 1 ~ 2 and Dark theurge 1 ~ 2.

  • Chronomancer:
    Slow 13, stop 15, reincarnate 1, backmasking 1, pass 5, quickcast 10.

about your build in general:
Onmyoji would benefit from chronomancer skills since your probably using staff, but both wl and onmyoji have low cooldown spells. In my opinion chronomancer wouldn’t be as good as you think in this case, but if you’re really into this build … You can try it.
I would change chronomancer for featherfoot - two good attributes for dark property and recovery; shadowmancer - shadowmancer - combo with wl dark skills, taoist - good buffs for onmyoji and against bosses with WL.

Of course this is my personal experience. Others may agree or disagree with that.

Why not use Chronomancer Vaivora for + 42,5% damage?