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Onmyoji - taoist -?

Hi, I would like some tips to choose a third class, currently my char is lvl 296 onmyoji - elementalist - taoist, but I found the dmg “meh”
onmyoji - taoist is a lock, so what would you guys suggest for the third class? I’m planing do at least CM lvl 5 (may I’ll try out lvl 6-7 too).
I appreciate any help I can get, thanks.

I know you could do CM 5 easily with pyro-ele-tao… If you wanna keep onmy, maybe try pyro-onmy-tao?

yup, I know. I was being very stubborn myself, but onmyoji and taoist really did not go very well :confused:

I already changed it :v thanks

Ahh. How are you liking pyro-ele-tao so far?

I miss the onmyoji costume and that tiger skill :c

Try chrono. You will have quick cast that will make your gameplay more fluid. Pass to reset all your favorite skills.