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Onmyoji Support Project

When I first got to Klaipeda and talked to Knight Commander Uska there was this quest called Onmyoji Support Project.

I think was about level 50 and a Highlander when I got to Klaipeda because I was grinding.

I’m supposed to go to people on the list and collect materials for the Onmyoji.

Thus far the only ones I triggered for it is the Lord of Orsha and the Item Merchant in Orsha.

I’ve googled and can’t find any information on this quest thing.

I’ve checked the list of Supporters, only 2 are listed.

  1. Lord of Orsha, Inesa Hamondale [ ]
  2. Plague Doctor Master [ ]

Then it says “Add in.”

Clicking on 1: It mentions how the Lord has agreed to take in refugees.

Clicking on 2: It says the Plague Doctor has agreed to donated medical supplies and that they are located in Istora Ruins. Which I haven’t reached yet.

The Lord of Orsha sent me to the Item Merchant for rope who sent me for Ducky Leather to make rope.

I only recently reached the area to get the Ducky Leather and it took so long I forgot about it until I was checking my quest materials and had recently visited the Item Merchant and remembered about it.

I had decided to try to google to find more information about this quest and nothing pops up.

Does anyone else know about the Onmyoji Support Project or how long it’s going to take and what all I need to do?

That is correct.

Not too much time. And you will know a little bit more about the Godess’s continent’s lore.