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Onmyoji Focus Training Costumes

You know those two extra Onmyoji costumes and the accessory you can get from doing the “Focus Training” quest from the Onmyoji master? Lets say I got the two costumes and the accessory. What happens to those extra costumes if…

  1. I change Onmyoji class to something else?

  2. I change Onmyoji class to something else and change back to Onmyoji class?

You keep the unlocked costumes even if you change class. Can’t equip them though. (Well, the accessory can be equipped, but it wont show unless you use the class costume so…)

When you change back to Onmyoji, they can be equipped as normal, no need to unlock them again.

Example: Pyro-Ele-Tao with both Onmyo and Shadow costumes+accessories unlocked