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One Server, More People, More Fun?

I am curious about your opinion?
In the current situation it is possible to combine all the servers into one big?
Something on the basis of Albion Online.
And is it a good idea at all?

No thanks. Just imagine the latency and the lag.


I heard the most urgent merge need to happen is fedi and klai

But merging all the server is going to be ping problem for most ppl

How did albion solve the ping problem tho? Im curious

I kinda agree for merging all server, its for the market sake, can you believe even tels market is often not moving at all? i mean slow progress for item to be sold, even at the cheapest price alr

You know its bad when the market is not moving

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As a Brazilian gamer I’ve met lots of xenophobic/racist people during all these years playing mmos, so no, considering that this game have a very active broadcast system, trolls feel free to offend and disturb the enviroment by spamming disgusting messages and that is the reason I disagree with this suggestion, a big no.

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There is an option like block if someone annoys you. I was playing on the UE server from the beginning. I recently moved to Asia server. And the difference is like day and night. The number of players makes a difference. I personally do not care if I play with a Brazilian, German or Vietnamese, how they can behave like a decent person I do not mind.

I have no ping problems.
Therefore, I think that it may be worth considering a server merge in the future as the number of players is very important when it comes to gameplay.

One data center, multiple servers.

You can meet anyone from any server because you’re in the same data center, so you can chill with other people from other servers but go back to yours to play competitively.

No thanks, the important events are all timed badly enough on Klai for anyone with a 9-5, if they changed it at all to accommodate other regions it would just get worse.

Fedi’s the only server that’s super small, maybe offer them transfers off to wherever they want and then default to Klai if they haven’t logged in to make their choice.

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I do not think it is necessary at this moment. Maybe in the future if the player base decreases a lot.
I play on Silute server and there are many many players there. So, judging alone by this server, I would say no.
But I am not the kind of person who looks at his own world.
If some server is having some situations, then in this case I think IMC should offer some options to solve them.
And, btw, I think they are doing this by creating the season servers.
And people have said: not only the ping is a problema but also the timezone. And I don’t know about the language/idioms.
I don’t think a single server would be good.