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One of my characters can't enter the game

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Server Name: Klaipeda

Team Name: SupremeCommander

Character Name:Sistine

Bug Description : Hi there, the current problem I am facing is that I have been unable to log into and play one of my characters for over an entire week now.

Every time I attempt to enter the game with that specific character (all other characters are able to log in fine), an error message keeps popping up saying ‘the client has been shut down due to an error’.

I attempted to troubleshoot this problem by deleting and reinstalling the base game (ToS) and even went as far as logging into the same character on a different computer.

And yet, despite my efforts the problem continues to persist. Thus, I am under the impression that this problem is server side related.

Although I would like my character to be fixed and playable once again, if the coding for this is too difficult, I would like to ask that you at least move all the equipped items into my team-storage, so that I could at least continue playing the game without having lost my hard earned items, time, and effort.

Losing all of the equipped items is equivalent to losing my main character, and losing my main character is equivalent to losing the remainder of my emotional attachment towards playing this game.

I have been a loyal player since ToS first came out onto steam, and have kept our relationship strong despite the many rocky road bumps that ToS faced with its continuous editing/updating/bug fixing/etc.

Please help!

(letting us know what you were doing before, during, and after the bug happened will help us a lot)

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Log into the game
  2. Choose the character (Sistine)
  3. Click on ‘start game’
  4. Loading screen (the log-in screen) loads up, and then the error message pops up
  5. Crash to Desktop

Screenshots / Video :
(attach screenshots or videos regarding the bug)

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Hello @hutjjung

Kindly send us a support ticket to be able to assist you further regarding the matter.

I have already sent several tickets but they just repeat the same thing over and over again.

I have already submitted seven tickets regarding this issue

Its been like 2 weeks since he had this problem. And no real update so far.
Do you know if they are actually on the problem or not?

hakqyu ya e ge game enya?

Seriously, do something. I’m sure he’s not the only one experiencing this problem right now. Me and some of my guildies had same problem last week as well, except that we didn’t have this problem permanently. (stopping at the loading screen and the error messages pops up)
He says he submitted 7 tickets already. I don’t think asking his patient is the right answer for this problem.

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Im having this exact same problem with one of my characters, any fix yet?