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One-Handed Sword + Shield

Hi, everyone.

Is there any build option for those who want to play the old and classic sword 'n shield class for PvP?
Maybe some involving Templar, or not, i just want to be a little tanky and make some trouble in other players life, no need to burst.
I’m a Crusader class full PvE, just want to start my PvP carreer right now, please give me some advice.

Thanks. :wink:
Sorry for bad english

Well you got the Murmillo option if you want to be a class that mainly use his shield to inflict dmg. You can also go for the Retarius for one hand spear and shield option. Other one hand sword users are hakapelle with blossomblader.

and you can try this build: Templar/Rodelero/Murmilo will be a good build to pvp