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One hand spear mastery : ready for battle has BUG


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yea, i’v sent a support ticket about it already .

When the error happened(Date, time, location) : After July 27-28 Maintenance

Steps to reproduce the issue : 1.login with swordsman class character
2.learn attribute"One-handed spear Mastery: Ready for Battle" from swordsman base class
3.equip 1-handed spear + dagger
4.switch weapon
5.check character’s physical attack value in character information(F1)

you can do step 4 and 5 multiple times, the attack will be reduced to 1 only after few more tries.

Description :
After patch, for swordsman class character who learnt attribute “One-handed spear Mastery: Ready for Battle”, and equipped with 1-handed spear + dagger,when switch weapon, Character’s physical attack got reduced permanently until change map/relog (25% dagger attack value reduction each swap, and to 1 minimal)


yup. I’ve submited my ticket too. i hope they fix this bug fast

Same hope they can fix soon i need play

@staff please fix. it is making some chars literally unplayable

Same for me. I got 1-1 Atk even with a +16 t10 spear. And sadly it’s my main character. I wont be able to do much

do something to fix it T_T

How how this not been hot fixed yet, its legit game breaking. We can’t do any content with 1 physical attack.

Noob, just reroll to any op class. It’s ez! (if u have money)

im still waiting, rete is my main…

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Remember party bug? It took months and months to fix it. So don’t expect quick/hot fix.

Fencer mains: We need a dagger attack attribute without any drawback, please, the art is so terrible

IMC: Look at Spear dagger attribute, that’s your final warning, take it or leave it :haha:

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