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On the upcoming removal of field bosses

While field bosses were not really engaging, I think the idea of removing them forever seems very shortsighted.

The problem of higher level player farming them in general is that you need those ominous spirit fragments that drop nowhere else to craft drakonas accessories.
For lower level players, they might be a challenge, but that’s not very interesting.

Here is my suggestion how to improve the field boss system:

First of all, change it from a field boss system to a solo instanced type of system, similarly to the Irredian Shelter bosses Madon Maiden and Amist Dog (or however the names are written correctly).
That enables a certain scaling with the level of the player.

I suggest fusing it with the current mercenary outpost missions (e.g.Siaulai,Colosseum), meaning you will be able to open a portal to a location with the field boss waiting for you.

As entry tickets, I suggest using boss monster cards[e.g. Cerberus Card]. This system is easy to utilize, would in general create an initial RNG-factor (as monsters from card albums are random and they only drop a card with a chance of ~50%), but still allow the player to choose which boss monster to fight by utilizing its card.

It also breathes life into the dead card system, where 90% of the cards are completely useless.
If they could be used as entry tickets, every card would have an increased value.

You can also scale the difficulty and rewards by using different star counts of the monster card used for entry (e.g. a 1 star Cerberus card will lead to a fight with an easy Cerberus, but also not very valuable loot, while a 10 star Cerberus card would bring out a very strong boss with very good rewards).

One of the possible rewards for clearing the mission (you will always get a certain type of cube with different rates and materials when clearing the boss fight) could be a card upgrader
which can change the card values (either upgrade or different stats) and possibly turn them into legendary cards.
Other rewards could be ominous spirit pieces, skill boost weapons (that boost the skill levels of a certain class when equipped, e.g. Attila for Priest ), recipes of old weapons that could be used for weapon skins and no longer drop anywhere[e.g. Spearfish Rod], legendary enhancement cards (ripped ones only), black card albums and other items I cannot think of right now.

If you do this, not only do you save the field boss system but also improve the card system and the mercenary mission system in one go.


LF> TOS offline.

change it from a field boss system to a solo instanced type of system

but still allow the player to choose which boss monster to fight by utilizing its card.

It also breathes life into the dead card system, where 90% of the cards are completely useless.

If all card useful then what can we feed to Legend card?

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They could make it like a 3 runs per day.

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Why would it be called field boss if its solo?
Why calling the mothboss a field boss if it gives more rewards than world bosses?
if they would be making field bosses instances it would be refreshing to have more contents to call this game online…

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What they need to do is simply rebalance the rewards from world bosses. Having to farm for 210 ominous frags then 105 ominous minerals then hope you get 3 ominous crystal recipes, plus the accessory recipes you want is plain stupid. Nobody has the time or energy to do that. And there are not enough players on the server to use the market to trade/fill the blanks.

I know player in telsai who monopolize field boss schedule, we cant challange them because they now exact time for fragment frieno or pasiute…

always rekted the noob boss, under a minute die

like i mentioned in the ktos post y not just make it so you can re-roll the cubes and increase the amount it cost for each roll by say 10k (first roll is 100k, 2nd roll is 110k, and so on and so on) and then say just make it refresh every monday/tuesday so that way no one group can monopolize on all the field bosses (unless they have the silver to burn)

i think they should revamp field bosses instead of removing it completely, a lot of people still enjoy these hunts

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I agree with the OP - removing content is often a shame, instead a rework would be welcome (well except Ichorsystem, that crap can get removed anytime :haha:)
Anyway the idea I heard from some people is very likeable - why not making (most of) the field bosses instance based?

Just let a random portal you have to find to an arena with them spawn on the corresponding map
for let’s say 15 minutes.
Make them at least map lvl but if the party fighting it is higher then it apply the standard mission rule of max. -30 lvl.
Every Party or solo Player has his own instance.
Instance could have a casual timer for killing or not OR it collapses after the regular time is up depending when the portal spawned.
Killing (or entering?) a Field boss gives a debuff which prevents entering the same portal of it more than once.
Rewards can stay the way they are now or better they get improved in Tiers depending on the Boss’ level.

This way it might get less competitive BUT at least everyone - who knows the timer - gets a decent chance.

Awesome idea, I love it