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Old traces of addons

I have tried to uninstall all addons but there seem to be traces left. I still see a “check quests” button, which does nothing now, I used it for checking status point quests I hadn’t done yet and I can’t see quest markers over npcs heads, this might be something left over from everyquest…? Please help.

How you tried to delete them?
-And quest markers is a bug, 3 weeks old now kkkkkk

I have tried to delete them and I validated steam files and it redownload a whole bunch. Didn’t work.

Delete files with unicode chars (like :snowman:), in /data folder

In your Tree of Savior folder, go into the data folder.

Addon files usually start with _ and they’ll almost always be listed at the top. You’ll want to delete those and make sure the game is closed.

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Deleted the files in the data folder, thanks for your help! :smiley: