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Old Secret of Solstice players (Game in development, Twitch Stream)

I have been missing this game does anyone else remember it it’s similar to tree of savior and this is the discord you will make you pleasantly surprised
I hope I didn’t put this is the wrong place :sob::relieved:
Edit: The game is already being tested so it will be brought back to life hopefully with the help of everyone. Join the discord especially if you remember anything from back then.

dayum what a rare sight

still remember Jotunnheim’s Theme like it was yesterday, my fav

Yep same all the nostalgia. So far it is being tested and worked on with some developers. I saw that there were a lot of old SOS players here and wanted to make a thread to gather new players and support for the developers. They occasionally do live testing also.

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Is anyone familiar with from back in the day?

Here is the testing of SOS by developers to show proof for you all :smile:

if anyone can has any info about SOS that can help speed up the process please do join the discord.

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