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Old Returning player

Heya there i played ToS in i think it was 2018 like fulltime. i tried logging in to day on my account and found out that my main character is no where to be found. it was basically the character where i had everything on. silver/cosmetics/gear etc… i tried making a ticket on the support page. but it shows me nowhere that i can submit or create a ticket at all. i hope you can help me out here to get my char back. so i can get Re-Hyped to play this lovely game again. as i once enjoyed it too :slight_smile:

Try these two things.

1 - Check all servers available. Each server has an individual team, so the one you’re looking for might be on a different server.

2 - In case you have more than one steam account, check the other ones as well. This can happen to players that started the game near a seasonal server and couldn’t migrate to get the bonus.

i checked all of the available servers. i only played on the European one. and i dont have more steam accounts. i even have some screenshots of that character on my steam account. but somehow that character isn’t there anymore.

have you tried checking the market retrieval if your items are there? ‘w’