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Old player, wanting to come back

Hello @Bob … Good night.
I am Brazilian and when the game was released I bought the Founder package, as an incentive for your work, but I was unable to play at the time and today I found out that there is an SA server. Due to some personal problems, I was unable to continue playing, but today I would like to return to play, but my TPs are in my klaipeda account, I would like to know if there is a possibility to transfer the TPs, in the same way that I invested and trusted you in the beginning , I would like to receive this gesture in good faith for the return to the game. Thank you

I await reply!

silute IS the SA server my dude.

Hello Savior,

We are truly happy to know that you gave the game a second chance, and we appreciate it. However, as much as we would like to help out, unfortunately TPs are not transferable between servers. Once the TP is claimed on an account / server it will bind there. We are sad that we cannot provide assistance on your concern.