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Old player, interested in returning


Hello there! I played way back during the beta, even bought a founder’s pack for when it finally released. Unfortunately I had to drop it rather quickly due a multitude of reasons, but seeing the Re:Build changes have sparked an interest again. I have a couple of questions:

  1. I haven’t checked updates at all ever since I stopped playing, so despite being one of the earlier players my knowledge of the game rn is much closer to a complete newbie’s I guess? That being said, if I wanted to come back, should I jump in now, or just wait until the Re:Build changes roll in? I remember very few things about the game, and iirc my strongest character was around ~80ish when I stopped, so still very far from endgame. I have no idea what many of the specific terms (challenge mode for example) or item values (I remember gems existing but nothing much about them beyond that) are.

  2. How is character customization now? While I adore many of the chara designs, I remember being very frustrated with the super limited customization at the start. Are most customization options (hair, costumes) still reliant on the cash(?) shop? I try to stay F2P in pretty much any game so…

Apologies for wall of text, and thanks for reading!

  1. Since you sound like you’re pretty much starting fresh then there’s no real benefit to starting now that you can’t also do after the patch hits. There’s also nothing in particular that gives you incentive to start after the patch hits instead of now, aside from not having to adjust whatever it is you manage to learn or get used to from the current system.

  2. There are a lot more hair and costume options, they are still mostly obtained through TP gacha but there are plenty of people who flood the market with things they don’t want or have too many copies of. Hair accessories and costumes are among the cheapest goddess cube content you can buy off the market with silver, the expensive ones being back costumes and pets while the absurdly expensive stuff being Effect costumes (like auras and such) and also some rare back costumes like wings. EDIT: Events tend to give a few costumes, hair accessories and (twice so far) back costumes as well so anyone can get those.

EDIT2: There’s a new hair salon with a few cheaper hairs and dyes than old premium hair/dye content. It kind of functions like a separate thing and there’s also a chance to purchase things from this salon for free through the quarterly popo shop that IMC puts up. You gain popo points by staying logged in and you can buy a box that can give a free voucher for salon hair or its dye but it’s a pretty low chance.