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Ok im Lost Again XD Build help please

sorry for the second post but yea now im kinda debating my first thought of my build cuz now i found vids of some good looking ones.

thats the first one i checked out the video looked kinda awesome he soloed without any issues but maybe thats just high tier gear ? idk is this build any good for a new player :?.

this is the second one. man when i saw this girl doing dungeons i was like. omgah… please please i wanna try this but again maybe this is just high tier gear ? lol. idk any help again would be grand cuz now im all confused and just cant pick a build to go with atm.

Depends on what part of the build you are currently on. Also, I would highly recommend getting diev first before miko as miko doesn’t give u much on its own. In my opinion, the main purpose of miko is to have a world tree statue that never goes away and keeps enemies silenced. Miko has a spammable attack in the form of gohei but its still incredibly weak and the build only invests one point in it. All of your damage comes from exorcist where all of its casts have -20% cdr. I’ve tried druid>diev>miko and while it’s somewhat nice in challenge mode, its absolute garbage in normal maps and dungeons because there is so much setup involved with diev+miko. The reason my build doesnt work is because druid has zero spr distribution and this makes owl statues weaker. Exorcist should also be mainly int distribution so i doubt ur statues will be very good either.

I wouldn’t expect much from diev as it is mostly for support through cdr and silence (also sp regen but that’s offset by the extra spells that get cast). The damage from owls aren’t very good even with high spr so either go full int caster or spr support. Mixing exorcist with diev is probably where the issue is as the stat distribution of exorcist reduces ur overall spr.

If you swap out exorcist with nothing in guru sim, it increases spr from 261 to 294. Replacing it with oracle or priest increases it to 320 and 349 respectively. Therefore i highly recommend replacing exorcist if you really want to use owl statues. Also take a good look at stat distribution for cleric classes especially. Some cleric classes use int while some use str. Diev has a weird mix of everything but heavily relies on spr.

question is switching out the biggest dmg source how would u farm and kill mobs tho :? and the second build i linked was another i was wondering about aswell the druid/plaguedoctor/oracle

expel oracle from 2nd build and add exo there. 3 velnia+3 sp from dark/fire/earth + 3 armaos and u can ez pve|farm hg etc.
Also u dont need pandemic,beak mask ,fumigate there (only for pvp maybe).
Healing factor can be lower easily.Max Incineration =)

id like help on a good cleric solo/party build aswell any recommendations ? I love healing but i also love to deal dmg if i can i kno a big part of this game is solo untill what like lvl 300 i think ? maybe even more.

I dont mind a support build either aslong as i can hunt without an huge issue aswell.