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Oi Unique Witch Information Im korea user

Unique Witch Four items are essential for
Clerics - thawing option Four items are essential for해빙

Swordsman - floating option부동
Not all dealers need to strike first. She is not going to be a hard witch

Dealers don’t need to have a matchig set초격![초격|291x500]

If you’re going to try a hard witch, you have to guess

For reference, the voice is not me
brazil user freind ^^
12 2 5 7 10 보주 나오는위치
90% 얼음장판3개 장판안에
도트딜 (스텍안올라감)
85% 매혹
보스대사: 가엾는 계시자여 춥지않니? 이리오렴
80% 카운팅저주
(카운팅 된사람이 깔려있는 장판가서 지우시기 바랍니다)
75% 얼음장판3개
70% 보스 결빙 얼음 장판 스텍 2번맞으면 40스텍
보스대사:눈위에서 날 이길수있는 인간 따위가 있을리 없지!
65% 보주
보스대사: 어서 아름다운 나를 찬미하거라
분위기를 망쳐버렸구나. 아무렴. 너희들에게 나는 과분한 존재이지
60% 매혹
51% 카운팅 저주 ( 카운팅 된사람이 장판가서 지우세요)
45% 40스텍 얼음장판
40% 보주
31% 카운팅 저주 ( 카운팅 된사람이 장판가서 지우세요)
30% 매혹 /얼음 장판 40스텍 패턴2개
20% 보주
17% 카운팅 저주 ( 카운팅 된사람이 장판가서 지우세요)
10% 매혹 /얼음 장판 40스텍 패턴2개

Note that it only comes from cubes
The white witch itens? , drop from cubes


thanks for sharing! /20chars

thanks for the tips but you don’t need to beat the first boss? I also want to know the first boss weaken the witch by how much.

Unique witchraid reward = recipe or fragments. Fragments cannot be exchanged for armor(like 해빙) set! Fragments can be exchanged for glacier weapons. The weapons which are worth, are:

staff (staff video >>click<<),

shield (shield video >>click<<),

1-handed mace (for healer), trinket, dagger.

Wow that’s BS, what are they thinking?

how to get the armor?
only by opening the cube?

yes, and market of course!
but if you read thoroughly here

you can plan ahead and skip Glacia armor ichor (except Glacia cloth set because it is required for every healer who participate to witch legend raid)

and wonderous armor ichor too (from WB),

go straight ahead prepare the material needed for demon/goddess armor ichor set a couple of months from now