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Offer for the corsair future of DWA


I propose to the corsair to make “DWA” an auto-attack. If a monk was made an auto attack for a double punch, then why doesn’t the corsair deserve an auto-attack?


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I agree and +1 for this.

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Totally agreed :+1: with this one

The op title need to mention “future of DWA”

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Changed the name, now ok?

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anyone who tried using DWA would agree, just wait until the developers remember about this skill again ( ETA 1 month to never)

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Exactly THIS
Been asking this for months, they want us to get our hands tired by grinding 30 minutes with Corsair :S
Plus the fact DWA is WEAK, they need to boost the damage as well

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Why not make it a channeling skill ? no more spamming keyboard button :thinking:

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not sure if channeling skill would work since its more like a buff/stance
They could do the same they did with Monk on Re:build

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Liked every comment because I love the concept of Double Weapon Assault.

And I’m quite hopeful now that new Double Punch has happened :distinguished:



Raise the topic, let the developers see!



I do not understand why they did not do this, even if becoming an instance will continue to be very weak, only will be less bad …

but there is a way to become interesting…

why not “double dagger instance” like the “double gun instance” ??? thus eliminating the need to have a strong sword beyond the dagger to be at least usable



DWA at its current state, SFR wise, it is strong enough. But if you every try using one, you will find it fails too often because of ping and server instability. The only changes that DWA now requires is to become limacon like. A 5 minute buff that when u press Z attack, it will chains the offhand attack automatically. removing the needs of manual control.



Have ever used DWA on controller? …you gotta flip you hand all around to controller to make usable, my hand hurts after doing it xD

Does make you think if they even tested DWA on controller, right?

But they should’ve done work like a instance to change AA from both buttons(or not) while active to ease the future health problems of all players xD



Totally agree. First time I tried DWA I was like, oh this is fun. And then 30 minutes later, damn this is annoying. And then when I tried BM and Nak Muay, why can’t Corsair has this, totally not fair lol.



i think this is one of those things they think is cool (comboing attacks) but have never extensively tested, maybe thier QA is just slacking off or they are godly players who like to play DDR with their fingers, who knows though maybe the devs are just stubborn fcks and cant sacrifice the “coolness” factor over QOL.



Just came to post this (again), but here I am upping your topic instead. Man it has so much potential, I even changed my controller setup to use it… until I tried to play my corsair in a World Boss scenario. MAN, that’s something I will NEVER do again.

My fingers can’t survive this.

Please IMC, improve this skill usability. Don’t kill it please, just make it automatically work once targeted, like other basic-attack buffs.




That would be really nice if DWA works like DGS… when RE:build came, i was hoping that assassin would have some kind of “Double DAGGER Stance” that throw the dagger at the enemy, but unfortunately this didn’t happened… so it’s really fair that DWA works in a similar way like DGS.

And let’s be true, the concept of DWA it’s really nice but since the corsair class came, this skill/buff never work as it should… i wish IMC could listen to what players from other Countries has to say/improve about ToS…

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