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Offer for the corsair future of DWA


I propose to the corsair to make “DWA” an auto-attack. If a monk was made an auto attack for a double punch, then why doesn’t the corsair deserve an auto-attack?


I agree and +1 for this.


Totally agreed :+1: with this one

The op title need to mention “future of DWA”


Changed the name, now ok?


anyone who tried using DWA would agree, just wait until the developers remember about this skill again ( ETA 1 month to never)


Exactly THIS
Been asking this for months, they want us to get our hands tired by grinding 30 minutes with Corsair :S
Plus the fact DWA is WEAK, they need to boost the damage as well


Why not make it a channeling skill ? no more spamming keyboard button :thinking:


not sure if channeling skill would work since its more like a buff/stance
They could do the same they did with Monk on Re:build


Liked every comment because I love the concept of Double Weapon Assault.

And I’m quite hopeful now that new Double Punch has happened :distinguished: