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*~(o^∀^) gtw feed back by reve6th (^∀^o)~*

schedule gtw suck.

most of people not available in that hour, so the war that should be fun now become suck because friends can not online at 8am sv time.

if possible please change time to 9am or 10am sv time will be perfect

and some cash item like elixir. i want it not available in gtw because someone who not has silver to buy those item will definitely disadvantageous
which mean it is p2w

and very huge problem i furthest discover during this gtw test (tbh i noticed it about month already) is number of people who join war in each guild
of course, your guild have many people join from harmony and activity so its not illegal if you will use that point for advantageous
but small guild that has people available less than 15 is N O - H O P E to have tower

i know war is the matter of army and number is main reason to gain victory

thats why now in telsiai sv always see ONLY red and white

i didnt saying all this because i disadvantageous. im also member of huge guild too.
so thats none of my business

  • just wonder are we gonna play like this?


schedule time is comfirm cant fill full every player.

talking about fair,
-fix hp for each different class
-fix attack for each different class
-fix stats 360 point for each character
-skill are build by each player
-all equidment ingored in war
-non item is avaliable inside war
-every guild allow 25 player ONLY to join gtw
should be fair now? yea, fair enough to all player but other than cash player
p2w is exist in every game. it is impossible to fix it. if you pay for full body+50 EQ, would you remove those equidment inside gtw? if you pay 50k to play this game, and i pay 50 to play, can i expect we gonna be the same?
thats nothing fair in life
IMC wont make those “rich people” to quit the game, so dont think about fair in game :slight_smile:

and at last, quantity is not a problem, quality will win it
and admit it, even a guild got 50 player online, also cant win a 10 player guild with their full item +40


if we will talk about fair. im sure theres manything that we want for war balance.

  • swordman tough point is high hp => cleric have it
  • wizard can cast aoe magic and some cc magic => now cleric have it
  • archer have skill with high damage for burst enemy => zealot also can do it
  • cleric can have high hp, high def, status ailment curse (is that cleric or witch doctor?) immure from status ailment. and now even raise is bug

i know cleric is useful as support, tank, dps, cc

but isnt it too much?

which mean we dont need other class for war anymore

just bloodletting can immure from all status ailment
druid now can immure from all kind of attack with grass and transform can have hp higher than swordman and it can cc people worse than phychokino

then why we will waste time to build those class.
just cleric 1 character can have ALL IN ONE :smiley:

why need number of people who join war in each guild?
when first GvG your guild used to “use bug for more people than others guild” :v
and took rank1 gvg got free TP very long time.
(Others guild can enter in gvg map max 15 but you use bug more than 20 ppl to join GVG)
You think you were Rank1 but why you don’t think how cheat you were


@Revenant6th , small guilds just need a Alliance option in game and unite to fight against the great ones.

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agreed with that too, but still hard to adjust people who will join because alliance system will available to every guild :thinking:

in the end. it will end up with 2 side of battle anyway.

but well, let see how imc will solve this problem… :thinking:

sorry bro. the 1st gvg i not yet start playing this game and i just join my current guild about month ago
so cant answer your reply.

besides i already said problem of number is none of my business in the GTW.
next time please read clearly before reply.

thank you

maybe you need to ask your Guild master first what did they do before feedback <3

unable to read english? :tired:
its ok. i am a friendly person so no need to be too tense
i will help you translate your feedback of GTW 3rd beta test if you are thai.


and if you have personal problem with them. please pick your courage of keyboard warrior and go shout in game. or make your own topic entry.

you ask me or i ask them about 1st gvg. i cant speak instead of them. because im not yet play game during that incident

and now i post feedback of GTW 3rd beta test. not 1st gvg

which part of my words that you dont understand?

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To be fair if you ran GVG with all clerics you would get stomped. It takes a balance of classes, with swordsman getting the short end of the stick (templar/Lancer or bust) to win.

Clerics lack the level of crowd control and damage provided by other classes.

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thank you for your comment Remiri. but i saw druid zealot army with own eyes :tired:

i play psychokino so raise is only my weapon (with pd bloodletting they are immure telekinasis, magnetic force) and i cant get near them when they use blind faith. and when they use Sterea Trofh. we cant attack them.

but if you think this already balance for gtw. i will respect your comment

thank you

To be fair I don’t think it is ‘balanced’, but it certainly isn’t to the point where you can rock 100% cleric.

I rocked a kino/elementalist for yesterday and I was able to get some magnetic forces off, heck even some sleeps.

During extended fights, bloodletting will run out and then you can go nuts.

I found that earthquake was one of the best tools at my disposal, since all the immunities can’t stop knockup.

Cleric no crowd control skill? Druid have telepath <3 can do aoe control too <3
monk have knockback skill too.

To be honest, there are few guilds in Telsiai and Varena did the BUG of MORE than 15 people in first version of GVG which I don’t want mention the guild name. Is that good that u only blame the player problem but not imc which never fix that bug that appeared few months.

He said cleric lack the level of cc as other classes, not that cleric has no cc at all.

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