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Now In Development: Beauty Shop

will the new lenses be introduced here as well?

Please reconsider some of the hairstyles / colors. That ■■■■ isnt right.


Most of those hairstyles doesn’t fit the game at all :tired:


I’d suggest to remove dual color hair dye and let players to pick two colors instead, it’s more interesting to let that option bought as an additional feature, people may buy more dyes if they can combine 'em at will.

As a mandatory feedback I feel I must say these hairstyles do not meet the level of aesthetics this game has provided in the past.

I’d much rather have new hairstyles that fit into the games aesthetic style better than what is presented here.

Funny fact about this is that the old TP hairstyles are labeled as wigs and these new ones are labeled as haircut. While in reality the old ones look like haircuts and the new ones look like wigs.

We really don’t need these to disturb the beautiful aesthetic this game offers, some of them are also poorly made.

I’d seriously reconsider adding this “new haircut” feature with the presented options to our version as there’s a lot of people who are displeased with them. Or simply remodeling some of them.

I also question the need for a new hairstyle system. While a nice idea it feels lacking with the terrible options presented. It also feels restrictive with exclusive haircolors.

In summary: the new hairstyle system with its options is a miss and should undergo changes before official release to the live server. It doesn’t look polished enough and it feel disjointed from the rest of the games aesthetic in a negative manner.


Apart from the negative feedback on that single feature the rest of the beautyshop is a great idea and well made! Its a great addition to the game and makes purchasing costumes and other cosmetics feel a lot more fun.



Not quite sure what that even means since the purpose of good wigs is to look like actual hair.

And bad haircuts exist even irl.

The true bad thing about these “haircuts” is that they cannot be transferred within team and you cannot keep changing them without paying TP. Surely they will add better looking styles, but what’s going to suck is the fact that we won’t be able to swap hairstyle without paying TP unless we use the old “wigs”.

It means that hair that looks like a wig has failed cause it doesn’t look good. A good wig doesn’t look like a wig, that’s why it’s so good.
I find it a good thing that those old TP hair don’t look like wigs. But more natural and they fit the games aesthetic. (Some are a bit wig-like but nothing too outrageous.)
These new haircuts don’t look natural at all which is why they look so bad and so wig like. They don’t fit at all.

I’m personally fine with a bit wig like hair that’s not super natural but it should be way more subtle than the new additions especially considering the games aesthetic.

Yeah bad haircuts exist irl what does that have to do with anything? Lets add ugly wig looking hair to the game cause that can happen irl too?

To be fair the pay off is that they’re a lot cheaper and they also added the discount system.
I don’t mind this that much but I just think it’s really unnecessary but I guess it’s also kinda nice for those who can’t spend that much. If only the options were good…
I just hope the new addition of hair doesn’t all go into this new system tho.
Honestly what they could also do is have both options available for all hair. Those who want more hair and don’t mind it being exclusive to one character could use the cheaper hair cut option. And those who want more freedom to be able to freely use it on any character could purchase all hair for a higher price for the ability to do so.

can’t even make a new feature without beg for money ?

oh come on guys, you havent even tried new dyes on old hair or new hair on old dyes yet, the flashy new ones may get normalized as the old ones may get an upgrade from these ‘w’

As of now the new hair is only available to use the dyes on the new system and not any other bought or otherwise acquired dyes. The new dyes are also exclusive for the new hair and can’t be used on any of the older hairstyles.
This could obviously change but we’ll see if that happens.

Also my problem is personally not so much with those dyes but the hairstyles themselves look ugly or poorly made. 2 of the male ones are decent. (Excluding the ponytail one.)

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i like the long eye covered hairstyle for the female tho ; w ;

Most of the hairstyles we have now are currently cheaper (15 TP) than those haircuts, with the added option of being team storage transferrable and you can switch them to mix and match with outfit of the day.

Spending ~555 TP just to get one free haircut is not much of a discount either.

A) What looks good or bad is subjective. I can guarantee you that there is always someone that likes something you don’t.

B) Lots of people like purposefully having bad hairstyles or “parody characters”

C) It doesn’t directly negatively affect you to have more options in game. Don’t like it? Don’t buy it. They’ll add more options sooner or later that might fit your taste better. The new hairstyles don’t seem to be any more weird looking than some of the NPCs faces (old dudes typically) that have been there forever. Ugly things always existed in TOS.

Those are default hair that are free from the point of making your character. Sure it takes a trivial amount of TP to change them too but they shouldn’t be compared to paid hair as they are initially free. I was making the comprison between the premium hair and new haircuts. (As new haircuts are not freely obtainable.)

Sure that doesn’t mean feedback on it isn’t allowed. I’ve seen negative feedback regarding these new styles quite a lot too so I’m not alone. I also wanted to put emphasis on them not fitting the games aesthetic as well which is a bigger problem imo.

Fair enough, I’ve been mostly fine with most of the “fun” addittions to the game. Which I doubt these are. Part of the reason why this feels so disapponting is the fact that we haven’t had new hairstyles for quite some time and hardly any of these are appealing enough.

No but I’m allowed to critique the new content presented and voice my disappontment as do others so perhaps next time they add hair that looks better to our standards. I think my feedback was quite constructive instead of just bashing.

Also I disagree with your second point. I don’t view things that are not pretty or cute necessarily ugly, like in this case old mans face. It gives that natural and real feel and it fits with the games aesthetic style especially on npc’s. It’s subtle and well made not looking ridiculous.


The fact that you can get one hairstyle when you choose it for free doesn’t mean you can just discount them lmao. Most of the hairstyles in game are 15TP. No arguing that fact.

The fact that the beauty shop overwrites these hairstyles and the only way to get them back is through the 15TP wigs reinforces that these hairstyles should be more like the 15 TP ones since they count as your character’s “base” hair which you choose during selection rather than a wig.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t criticize. I’m saying your sassy comment about “ugly wigs shouldn’t exist in the game” is dumb because many are quite happy with the release of these hairstyles.

I don’t even know what you’re trying to say with this point.

Need I remind you about your sarcastic bashing?

If you read my post, it was in a direct response to this one, so please stop trying to defend your opinion on the hair, since I’m not at all saying that you’re not allowed to think the hairs look bad.

The character models all have these super simplified “chibi” faces while that dude’s face, as you said, is trying to give off a more realistic vibe and yet you say they fit together? If anything, that guy’s face is more disruptive to the game’s aesthetic than the new hairstyles, which I find to look believable in the world of TOS albeit some of them being as ugly (but we already have ugly hairstyles in the TP shop currently).

Yes it does, they’re free and they’re not part of paid content. You can change them for a fee but the hair itself is free.

I mean I don’t disagree with the technical aspect of it but when it comes to price, free hair pricing shouldn’t be a point of reference. But if they free up the accessibility of the new hair it’s only natural the price would be increased way higher.

I never said ugly wigs shouldn’t exist in-game, I did reference that these new additions shouldn’t, at least not looking this incomplete. A huge part of my argument is that some of these new additions look poorly made compared to the additions before. You only need to look at the hairline in new female ponytail one to see that it’s not well made.

The point is that these new additions are not really added to be ugly or ‘‘fun’’ looking.

If you’re referencing to the comment below I wouldn’t consider it part of my feedback but part of discussion with you lol.

I wrote the comment the way I did cause I didn’t find your comment on rl hair being sometimes ugly as an valid argument to defend any hair additions to the game. Like just because some people make poorly done hair in real life doesn’t justify adding poorly made hair into the game. I guess I could’ve been more clear on that.

Well I never said I would add that type of option to the character models. Our characters clearly are not in story or any other way trying to be old men/women. But for npc characters it fits really well if they represent a more aged person. I simply disagree with you on this. Npc’s have other different model variations that aren’t available to the character model which is fine and doesn’t disrupt the games aesthetic at all, as they’re made with the same subtle aesthetic and color scheme as the rest of the game. It feels and looks consistent.

The hair styles are fine, the colors are ridiculous.

The tamer colors are actually okay, but the skunk stripes and cotton candy colors are a little silly–especially when they aren’t nearly so dramatic on Maggi’s art itself of the beauty shop characters. Kind of bugs me as well that there doesn’t seem to be a way to apply the normal dyes to those hair styles.

More interested in other circle 3 costumes, honestly.


Exactly this, the colors are so out of place its not even funny. I’m not a fan of the 2nd female hairstyle (the one with the side pony tail or whatever you’d call it) but I can get past its ugliness, the colors and highlights I can’t because they’re so distracting and don’t look like they belong in the game at all.

It just looks like radioactive vomit to me.


Just cause one hairstyle is offered for free doesn’t mean that those hairs are not part of paid content. They’re literally marketed in the TP shop for 15 TP.

If they give you a costume upon character selection but they also offer several other options which you can pick up in the TP shop does that mean the costumes don’t have value and are suddenly “free?” No. Why would it be any different with wigs?

I think that for what the current wig system offers (swapping hairstyle and dye as well as team storage transferrability with no additional cost) is better than what the beauty shop is trying to do, especially if they’re going to make the price higher than the majority of wigs in game.

Sure 30TP + 5TP for dye doesn’t sound like much, but that is not accounting for multiple characters and the fact that you can’t conveniently switch hairstyle to match new outfits constantly coming out for free. It’s also weird/dumb that we can’t use regular dyes on beauty shop hair nor use beauty shop colors to dye our wigs.

I would even go as far to say I would gladly accept a 198TP (current price for premium hairstyles) price point for beauty shop hairstyles if they had the same functionality as current wigs. It just doesn’t make sense to introduce a system that is worse than what we had before (other than the obvious fact that this system makes more money for IMC, but if they wanted easy money they could easily introduce more hair dye colors or something like that, not make two different kinds of hairs in the game).

but i like the cotton candy dye ; w ;

would fit with most pastel colored costumes OwO

of course i am kind of concerned on the lack of contact lens footage, while i remember they were said to come along this patch?


Idk what takes them so long T_T;; I want light blue eyes

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