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Not so beautiful beauty shop

The Beauty shop has a pathetic limitation in its stock considering all of the content is already in-game and could be in both sides of the shop.

Why not make all the non-premium wigs hairstyles as well? The default hairstyle wigs (that is- wigs of the hairstyle options seen at character creation) cost 15 TP. Changing hairstyles costs 37.

I propose to you IMC that you will make more sales for what are cosmetic items only (so nobody can reasonably complain) by charging 37 TP for hairstyle options than include all the default hairstyles.

|             | Current | Proposed |
| Female Hair |    5    |    17    |
| Male Hair   |    5    |    15    |

This is a quick change and easy money in IMC’s pockets while also offering players a larger variety.

The other option is to add an attribute to show/hide helmets.

Wigs are incompatible with Dragoon/Murmillo helmet as the helmet covers them entirely. Disabling wig only allows you to show your default hair (no wigs), meaning you are stuck with the default hairstyle you selected at character creation (or the one obtainable from switching gender if you don’t already have that one) or one of the 5 purchasable hairstyles from the Beauty Shop. I’m proposing an option to triple your options and allow select swordsman classes to enjoy the Beauty Shop like everyone else is able to.

Thanks for your consideration,
~Azura Skyy

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They definitely need to make the beauty shop easier to use, via combining wigs/hairstyles into one category/type, and allowing all kinds of dye on all kinds of hairstyles/wigs, the price can still vary based on demand, but it’s far too confusing for the average user now.

I’m kinda torn on the helmet thing. I think they should be forcibly visible in PVP situations, or the buff icon should be more obvious if they are hidden (some kind of aura?).

Also, big suggestion for the beauty shop: We really need some scout costumes (medal/exchange costumes) and a ton of old hats have never been rereleased. :sad:


Nothing here I disagree with. Long time RuneScape player- in PVP all your costumes/hidden stuff is visible. You will show your true weapon and true headgears (helmets for ToS).

I do agree wigs/hairstyles are unclear but also don’t understand why you can’t swap to any of the hairstyles already available. If you don’t like what you selected at character creation, you can only buy the premium ones. I don’t understand why you can’t buy one of the options from character creation especially if… idk your taste has changed since you made your character over 3 years ago.

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