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Noob: Can you switch between jobs?

hello everyone, im new to the game and recently i advance from wizard to elementalist at job level 15, is it possible to go back to the wizard job and raise a few skills or attributes?

You can change your Elementalist job by using class change points that you can acquire. Each class change spends 1000 class point, and you can acquire up to 1000 class point weekly by doing some TOS contents.

Also you can navigate to the Wizard skills by using F3. If you want to redistribute your skill point, you need Skill Point Reset potion. You can acquire that by completing Goddess Gabija storyline and get the reward from Wings of Vaivora, or exchange your Wings of Vaivora coins for that potion.

When you advance from a class, that class is basically finished. You wont be able to accumulate any additional points for that skill (exception for bonus skill points from level 440-450)
Attributes can always be leveled and upgraded regardless of your stage in the game.

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