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[noob] 2nd and 3rd class for cata

I just played 4 days ago, played SR, and got my char deleted because I only reached level 112 before the merge.
I like it, but I want more speed, so I pick cata.
does the meta still involves lancer-dragoon/berserker-hoplite for the class combination?
also, does 2h spear reduced the tankiness too much compared to 1h spear + shield?

I tried messing around with skill simulator and followed korean guide, is this good enough?
I messed up the warrior skill tree (guide said its better to max Bear instead of Bash), so I have to deal with it until I managed to find how to reset base class skills on ToS

yes meta is Hop-Lancer-Dragoon but Hop-Cata-Dragoon works too.

Hop-Cata-Dragoon has way higher mobility and CC skills but dosn’t synergize as well as Lancer due to most of Cata skills not being piercing type. 2hand spear can tank in end game raids and content with the right gears and setup. 1hand+shield is really just for PVP and Lancers require 2hand spear to use their skills.

Cata barb hop
Use channel set and cata vv.
Higher dps as meta build :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yeah I forgot about OP channeling build but that is probably going to be out of reach for a new player.

Not really. Even without the Channel Set, this build is much way better than the rest. Just be sure to get Pouncing and Rush on Art 30 as soon as possible :slight_smile: