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Non Farmer Scout builds

I start to play again a few days ago and looking for pve Pvp build.

So far i lvl up as Bm>assa>Corsair

I have a lot of classchange points and want to test some other builds.

And how does the shinobi vaivora work? It sounds cool

Hi, right now for scout, Shinobi is the most damaging in CM. Even more so if you pair it with linker. Also Linker+Shinobi is really good with Ataka, if you’re planning on going seal+3. Shinobi also has a +60% damage buff that lasts for 1 min, and is very easy to keep up in bossing and mobbing situations. A lot of people (including me in the past) lost faith in BM, but if you’re planning to max this class out and getting it’s vaivora, it’s decent. Also worth remembering, picking full metal jacket over mozambique if you’re seal3, ataka will cap a lot,15m damage per FMJ chrage is better. And don’t forget, buff is coming soon. Hope this helps.

Shinobi Vaivora gives you a permanent clone, using the bunshin skill will give you 3 clones, all clones will copy whatever shinobi skill you cast with - 50% damage.
Although, i’m not sure the vaivora will work if dagger is equipped in the back slot. You have to ask somebody else to confirm this.

the permaclone dissapear if you equip vaivora dagger shadowclone on back slot

Its sad i cant test shinobi right now :<
So linker and Shinobi + Rogue assa or outlaw.

I like these hybrid builds with assa<Bm
How is Sheriff?

Sheriff is ok, but if you’re going pistolero, might as well go Shinobi+Linker+Bulletmarker.
But we’ll see in the furture because Sheriff is getting a huge buff. It might become the go to pistolero class in the future.

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i tried pistol shino, its DPS is not as optimal as vaivora dagger shino.

vaivora dagger-shadow clone demo

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