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Nobody reported the obvious yet

Yesterday, after one day, everybody received the 5-day attendance rewards in addition to the daily rewards…

Gonna check tonight if it’s a one-time error or if you get them every day.

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I just checked and you’re right
The rewards are so trashy that I didn’t remember that we was supposed to get only on the 5th day.

That Berthas Weapon Box make me laugh evertime

I wanted the brazalate to shine in another PJ T-T

am too casual and forgetful to notice this things :confused:

Checked again: you don’t get another armband the second time you enter :wink:
So it’s just a one-time error: rewards for 5-day attendance are given on day 1 instead of day 5.

Well… the weapon you get is actually TRADABLE! :wink:
Barthas Raffye Pistol went to lower level char which didn’t have a level 350 one…

I can buy primus pistol for lower than 500k on market and it’s not like I will upgrade berthas weapon anyway, neither to transform in powder it will be useful for me since we can’t get sierra powder from berthas.