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No usable weapon


So I just came back to this came wanting to check out the update. I created a swordsman and changed class into dragoon but there is no spear I could use at this level. Looks like I can’t use any skills now. Am I missing something?



did you learn the “use one handed spear” or “use two handed spear” attribute?



The issue is that I can’t even get my hands on a spear.



all level ranges have a spear, ether quest, go to weapon shop npc on town, market or farm on hunting ground or CM

what is your level?_?



There are certain quests that give a weapon of your choice.

But for the beggining you can get pretty far with the lv1 weapon you get from class changing.(i think all classes with restriciton get one,it’s a weapon that’s always lv but scales with your lv)

I got this from reddit, there’s a box for lv 40 too, someone points it at the first comments

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I got no weapon when I changed class and the vendor in town only sells level 40 and above spears (I’m level 15). No spears on the market either. It feels kinda pointless enabling earlier access to every class but then not being able to use them because you don’t have the required weapon to use skills :frowning:



Do the quests till Miner Village,at the end of them you get a lv 40 box to choose any weapon type.

It’s doable even with autoattack,easier if you get grace:additional holy damage buff from pardoner

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ohh i see, usually when u change class they will give you a practice weapon.



Yeah IMC kinda mess stuff up cause they forgot to put several weapon for lower level. You think it sucks that the lowest level two handed spear is lv 40, try become a cannoneer, the weapon are nowhere to be found in weapon merchant and in market everyone is selling 380 one lol.

Also monster drop should be altered. Low level monster should drop some berthas & primus low level weapon. Imagine using stuff like musket where the highest NPC sell is lv 75 and earliest drop by monster is 200 ish.



SMH check klaipeda weapon merchant. You don’t have to be spoon feeded everytime and every content in this game. smh really.

On the other hand, they should make a lv 15 spear tho.



You can literally auto-attack bare handed your way to lvl 40. Just buy pardoner buffs in town



You shouldn’t make excuses for a retarded concept just because you like the game. If you can’t use your skills until a higher level then why give players the option to play the class? Intended or not, that sums up the tos experience for me. It’s dumb and I’m not tediously grinding until I can use the class I already unlocked.



Calm down Beyoncé, they added ALL weapons lvl 1, 15, 40 and 75. You are the one not finding it.
When you change to a class that requires a specific weapon (rapier, cannon, spear, etc.) they give you a training weapon (lvl 1) for free. It goes directly to your inventory. If you did not get it, it is a bug.
Still, if you were victim of bug you can drop a lvl 15 spear which is not the smartest move because by the time you farm it you are already lvl 40. And at this level you can pick not one, but two lvl 40 spears from the main quest in tenet church.
Even before Re:Build, class’ skills did not matter until level 80+. With any build or any class, auto attacks always did more damage then skills because of pardoner buffs. Yes, it is fun using your skills, but it is also non-trivial until you hit level 40 (which is super fast to get btw)
Here you have lvl 1 and 15 spears: I don’t know where you get them. I don’t play swordman class so figure it out yourself. All my characters are pre-re:build, i only found out tenet church’s quest with weapon choice cuz i came back to do all revelation quests with one of my characters. Im 100% sure that there is earlier quests with same reward.,21&page=1&sort=RequiredLevel,ASC#top


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