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No More Monster Mobs in all Irredian Shelter Channels

  • Server : Telsiai

  • Team Name : Multiple Accounts

  • Location : Irredian Shelter Channel 1-3

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : 06/14/2020 to 06/15/2020 24 hours (not including maintenance)

  • Evidence
    Monsters no longer appear in Irredian Shelter Channels 1 to 3.

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Here is the Evidence, I don’t even wanna help look for the bots anymore since I don’t think the GMs really visit the game anymore.

this bot problem is in every map man…
All using the same configuration

Irredian was safe from these bots until last week when it populated all 3 channels, now Irredian is unplayable. I believe Baubas might be next.

even EP11 maps aren’t spared

Baubas has already been full of sorc/arba bots since 2 weeks ago. In fact, all of the hunting grounds that are lvl 300 and above are filled with bots

This is one of the reasons why I don’t grind more. Do you want some advice? Don’t grind, this is only for bots… the devs don’t care.

i think so too. Too many evidences, but still nothing change. Bots still alive, and mobs still fewer day by day

This bot very insane OP. no walk no run It’s teleport everytime with AOE attack all map

Even lv 200++ maps not spared by the teleporting bots.
Will ToS ends up like Ragnarok Online 99% bots?

It is only Telsai. I grind Baubas and Irridian at least 6 hours a day on Klai, and rarely even see a bot

Hacking bot come from china ?

i think bot exist mostly in telsiai because many telsiai player weak to temptation to buy silver/RMT

True I think people prefer silver right away than gatcha.

Btw keep up the good work @roxy00, it’s good to know a player still care about the game.
It will be sad to see ToS become like graveyard with bots running around all maps.
Some even dare to use that teleporting bot on new 420+ maps, although not many.

It’s also because several of the botters themselves are actually players playing the game, not just silver sellers.


Very true.

20 characters/

Guys, it’s ok to “be” a bot.There is no rule. Free state. Pizza.