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No footstep sound effects

When a character runs in game only the first initial steps can be heard and then nothing.

It’s a bit worrisome that this bug hasn’t been addressed as a known issue despite being present in the live version after 2 maintenance patches, yet cosmetic item effects for the blessed cube have been addressed on the same day as their release.

Bug Description :
While character is running, no footstep sound effects can be heard.

Steps to reproduce the issue :
Sign on, and try running around. The initial first steps can be heard, and then there’s no sound at all.

Screenshots / Video :

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with a friend we have this bug and it’s kind of annoying, the game is full of bugs, they add new things but they don’t solve problems that take a lot of time in the game

Seems fixed in tomorrow’s patch we’ll see.

same thing happen to me…
but for me its seem windows update problem…
i just update windows to latest version and it fixed