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-Nishimiya with the unapologetic trolling

Server : Telsiai
Guild : Himawari
Team name : -Nishimiya

So, I was doing my daily hourly 2F solo grind, and this guy pops up.
Stood in the middle of my three meals (Kulgheri, Wastrel, Froster), and started tanking (wha?)

See sometimes (every time) people do run across my fights by accident, and then going away when they realize it’s not their fight. And some even apologizes. Which is super cool in my book. I do that too.

But not -Nishimiya, don’t be like -Nishimiya.

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to be fair those guys from himawari are a-holes. did you know yoriichi is the previous VGM for Telsiai and that f*cking guy ironically hates noobs? off tangent but hey, f$ck those guys.


Hates noobs but acts like one…
I have heard notorious tales of their ilk after referring about this to my in game buddies.
Somehow unsurprising.

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he’s a ■■■■■■■ guy who pretends to be a girl , keeps begging for stuff and pretends he knows everything. we call him heshemiya / nishitmiya. he has a few personalities so becareful. Patricia might come and find you :grinning: . he left previous guild, changed name and pretended he quit the game KEKLUL

stfu old man you’re also a problem

so funny you posting here when you’re the epitome of toxicity. get some meds for blood pressure dude and chemo for your whole being.

yeah stfu mama eric and go to your usual fine dining resto

stfu kid , still haven’t grown up? Just think about how much fake news you have spread with your gang back in eminence and even in your new guild after then . Just how many people have blocked you in games because of your stupid narcissism nature? go work in bollywoods with your drama creating skills :smiley:

fake news? you mean when CASTEL SCAMMED COSTUMES FROM EVERYONE? oops. aww im so sad people blocked me in game :frowning: please take the ■■■■■ that i give kek.

wait which personality is this? is this patricia? or the guy? or the brainless one? please kindly highlight so I know who to reply to. how many personalities do you have btw? and how does it trigger for Patricia to come out?

Wow, go back to your retirement home and don’t be such a Marites spreading lies like a human CCTV who only get false information.

I just cant , this is so much hilarious. You trying say you don’t care much but why are you responding back? Blackmailing people without knowing the truth is all what you can do? or just because “YOUR GANGs” told you “eww, he/she scammed people’s costume.” and you blindly believes it? You are just a joke who needs attention from players in game.

we have the screenshots btw kek. thanks for giving me attention :slight_smile:

“Hey guys look , we have screenshots now , a screenshots!” , so ? You’re still the guy who lives under coconut shell , having fun with the gangs whom likes to talk behind people’s back. Pardon for your misunderstanding about giving you attention , cause well I almost forgot , you’re just that kind of narcissistic person :smiley:

i like how this turned into an xnewb thread lmao

… i dont know u guys and i dont know why have to bring me a part of this topic. if u have an issue or want to talk with me, pm me at discord: Castel#0104.

poor xnewb… he just came here to testify about Nishimiya’s bad behavior…ended up getting roasted by 1 day old accounts


I have nothing against anyone in this thread but I couldn’t resist, apologies in advance.



thank your friend for starting this topic about you :slight_smile: .