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Next Anniversary, will it be a good bait?

  • It will be awesome
  • It’s gotta be lame

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This is crucial since from past six months we can learn that even new class and endless class rework isn’t enough to keep players retention let alone bring newcomers.

Most mmo uses anniversary as moment to bump up player retention. How do you think next tos anniv Will be, is going to be tempting? is it going to be rewarding? Even if it is, does everything else will be enough to keep players stick to the game for long? Or it’s going to be yet-just-another-copy-paste-event?

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If they want a bump up, they need to come up with something over amazing, ultra special, starshining cool - but probably will be more of the same ‘get XXX thousand coins to exchange for timed items!!! YAAAY’

Seriously, what’s with the timed items??

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They need more than anniversary to revive the game.

Also personally I lost faith on imc.

Additionally there are just too many good games in my list, I haven’t even played them all
So no matter how good how tempting the reward of anniversary is it’s absolutely overshadowed by these games

like recently I just bought triangle strategy, which is now in my first list to complete
That’s when I haven’t fully enjoy another game I bought like elden ring let alone completing hisuian pokedex and many more fun thing to do under limited play time I have

There are so many promising joyful experience that I can get somewhere else then having nostalgic moment by queueing hours to spam tedious raids.

personally i dont expected too much, current event already lame. even leticia contain too much trash item if you already have it…

Even if it’s will be mad rewarding it will be like gifting tons of money, jewelries, limited lamborghini to a civilization of deserted secluded island where all these become unworthy and nothing special as everyone have it and more importantly there’s more crucial thing that the civilization need like food, water supply, house, etcs

The problem is the value of it.
And since they didn’t respect players valuable time like making old content become rubbish by spoon-feeding it to newcomers/returners they who doesn’t understand value of time won’t be able to create something that seen valuable to players.

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32x EXP tomes and a pack of emotes.


I don’t even remember what they did last anniversary, I think they didn’t even gave us a commemorative Item. So… I don’t have high hopes for next one.

Timed Items and more Coin Gathering Event for exchanging on a special Shop.

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lmao i’m not surprised that more than 90% people chose lame. Its gonna be just lame like every other time



on next year anniversary,


next 5 years anniversary,



i doubt there will be another 5 years of anniversary

This. Another coin chasing event rewarding with useless expirables.

100% free everything ofc.

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I guess we were right.
Coin farming, special shop and a few freebies for the new content.


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15% believer enjoyed the bait


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