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Nexon shuts down Spiritwish on Dec 16

I wanted to post this because the graphical assets of this game are the same as Tree Of Savior, essentially making it a mobile Gacha clone of ToS developed and published by Nexon.

Did anyone from ToS play this?
How long and what was your impression of the game?
Did it have any impact on how you view Nexon or IMC as a company at all?
Do you think they will try to remake something like this again using the ToS IP to any level of success?

Lastly, if you did play this game, was there any lore that could be extracted from it that could have expanded the ToS universe or story (New characters, more details on the goddess/ demons history, other cities, etc.)?

One very last thing! Did you spend any amount of cash on this game, and what did you buy?

I really like that game at the start but then when I know how is played (Almost all in Autoplay) I don’t like It, so I stop playing but it was fun the leveling phase…

Sad news anyways u_u

use to played it
but all the auto mechanic put me down
so i quit

no story telling if you ask me

my friend share me the drama abt their new map secretly reduce drop. but so far i not play phone game so hard to say

it’s Nexon being Nexon… they have impressive trails of dead mobile games

auto game nah
its just video with less game
they just drain my battery