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Newbie help, what to spend silver on first

Hi, I’m trying to figure out what to aim for first with my silver. Equips, cards, gems, etc. Any advice?

I’m a cleric>PD>paladin>druid.
These are my skills, complete and total mess but I’ll fix it up later when I figure out what I should get.

Edit: Forgot to add, I always party with a wizard(newbie too) and I mostly focus on support, using druid skills to help with mobs and the PD poisons for bosses.

Give yourself the ability to farm further. So spending on gearing and ichoring your character to be viable at cm is a good idea.

good weapon/sub > good armor > ichor > accessory > seal lv3 > ark > all the previous but upgraded except for seal lv5 cause its just silver sink rng unless you are big fat whale

hmm… i thought i read somehwere in the KTos Thread that the Ep 12-2 or the EP13 main quest completion rewards was the Savinose Dysnai set.
too bad it did not turnup with the BIG PATCH.

if u get that full set in main quest. u could start focusing on Ichoring and henceforth literally saving you months of grind-time.
but NOT sure if thats the REWARD or when will the rewards for EP12-2/ep13 even be activated…
otherwise u can try the top Glacia Legend set starting from weapon and so on(mentioned in above post)… but thats a lot of hard work and would take time.

The 5th anniversary vendor has Full Dysnai set and a weapon at +8TRA. So we new players prolly have to wait for that event, hopefully it’s right after these current events ending in week and half.

Follow this, image
you will spend most of your life farming here, just check the automatch guidelines

Thanks for all your advice! I’ll wait till I finish the last episode then to see if I get good gear from there and focus my money on ichors(no idea what that is XD) and then seals and arks.

Thanks all!

Expecting the event rewards, you can probably focus on getting good random & fixed ichors, and crafting/buying the legendary accessories. Nuc powers for leveling quest ark comes slowly as you farm CMs in field, so you don’t really need to waste silver buying them. If anything, I would actually recommend selling nuc powers after you get to lv3 quest ark to progress on other ichor parts. Crafted arks are very expensive at the moment, so maybe later after you finished your weapon+armor set and ichors.