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Newbie asking for help

Hi guys, i’m a newb at SEA Telsiai.
I’m asking for help about my equips, being a newbie and not being successful in socializing IG, i have very little silver. 30m to be exact, got most of from doing main quests, i do have a few planiums.
So farming is a real pain, i can’t survive long enough in places like West Jungers or Skalda outskirts with my gear.

So i did a lot of research and read about ichors, anviling, enhancing, cards etc.
And to be honest, it sounds expensive, and being unable to farm decently, that is frustrating.

I browsed the marketplace and found that with my 30m, I can at least buy some Moring or Wastrel ichors for some of my gear (ep11 savinose) , but i’m not sure if that is enough?
Will i invest all my silver, basically everything i have for those?
Will the STR boost enough for an auto attacker scout?

Hi, the best way for you is to create the more characters, and do CM Out15, daily and weekly stuff, join a guild and ask for help with legend raids, book events, guild content etc… You don’t need to expend your silver with ichors, it should make it yourself istead, keep your silver for a varna weapon +16. Just my opinion

Go back to farm outer 15

Then farm silver harder.

It’s enough for soloing at outer15


Nah, weapon is more important.

Your are playing kinda wrong. AA do nothing to those end game content.

Thanks for all the help. I will try and grind out15 again. Maybe the ichors can help me survive lvl6 CM better.

no, just solo outer 15 CM til stage 5 with all your CM reset voucher, dont do stage 6