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New weapons for all base classes to increase their skill levels

Sadly so far the game only features Durandal, which gives swordsman a huge advantage over the other base classes.

I suggest adding one weapon per base class that has the same level,rarity and specs as Durandal:

Required level : 75

Rarity: Rare (purple)

Drops from: Demon Lord cubes (after the removal of field bosses)

I suggest the following weapons:

Carnwennan (Dagger of King Arthur) All scout skills +2
This mythological dagger is said to have the ability to shroud its wielder in shadow, it is a perfect fit for scout.

Bhargavastra (“Bow” of Karna) All archer skills +2
This mythological bow is said to fire a million arrows at a time, which befits the notion of archer skills hitting a target multiple times or multiple targets, so it would be a perfect fit for archer.

Lorg Mór (Mace of Dagda) All cleric skills +2
The mythological mace of Dagda is said to kill several enemies when struck by its head and revive them when struck by the handle, governing life and death, which would be a perfect fit for cleric.

Caduceus/Kerykeion (Staff of Hermes) All wizard skills +2
As Hermes is attributed as both a fast-traveling summoner (the English word summoner can also mean envoy/messenger) and a previous god of the underworld & death,
his staff would be a perfect fit for wizard.

Durandal (Sword of Roland) All swordsman skills +2
Already ingame, nothing more to add here