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New types of shield to be in line with every other piece of equipment


So I noticed every armor piece has a Physical / Magical defense component.

Except shields.

I see no reason why we shouldn’t be able to have the option to have shields that offer more magic defense than physical, or maybe ALL magic defense instead of physical.

Every other piece of equipment in game offers physical/magical defense except shields which seems to me to be inconsistent.

This would help even the playing field as magical damage has an uneven advantage when it comes to mitigation simply due to availability. This would add more options for the player to choose from, more versatility and more possibilities with PVP builds. Also give melee physical classes a way of closing the gap against heavily fortified wizards who stack physical defense ontop of a 15k defense shield. It would give players who do not have the time or money to invest in a whole secondary gearset of cloth armor (which needs to be transed/upgraded/gemmed) another way of achieving essential gear to survive GTW/PVP/ and also lots of PVE content. This also falls straight in line with your new gear acquisition model, more ways to get more various kinds of gear. Also gives builds that are mdef-low (anything that isn’t pelt) a fighting chance. Most importantly, its fair.

If a player seeking physical protection can have an item which gives 15k Physical defense on a single piece, a player seeking magical protection should have something similar.


Honestly it would be better just restrict wiz tree from using shield and rod. Might give a passive attribute to be able equip the shield and rod to some most underrated class to make it viable.
We already have swordies abusing peltasta bugs which can make a huge def/mdef numbers without high investment, but slight mdef on shield wont hurt really.


nope, this makes no sense.

The whole reason why shield only has physical defense normally (and only a bit of magic defense as a secondary option) is because it is designed to block physical attacks,reducing its damage.

The block substat also can help mitigating magic damage by 50% already, and, as you said, the armor also offers magic defense, even on plate and leather armor.

Now what you forget to tell is the following:

  • there is the option of blue gems on top & bottom armor to increase magic defense further (2x 8 star blue gem add 3k magic defense)
  • upgrading the armor adds as much magic defense as physical defense on top/bottom/gloves/shoes
  • there is the infamous Nuaele card to increase basic magic defense when wearing plate armor
  • there are Pardoner buffs to increase magic defense
  • there are armor enchants from enchant shop to boost magic defense by up to 15% (top/bottom/shield)
  • there are enchant jewel options that reduce magic damage taken and a PVP damage reduction which includes magic damage
  • accessories only add magic defense (and a lot on high upgrades & transcendence)

On top of this bunch of options, there is also the fact that magic attacks in general are mostly unable to ignore magic defense and to penetrate block.
So while a shields physical defense is ± only worth half in battle ( a lot of damage skills ignore 30-50% physical defense and/or penetrate block), if you add a magic defense option,
the Cleric/Wizard facing you would have trouble going through all of your block, evasion and on top of that even your magic defense that is unjustly boosted even further with the already abundant options to increase magic defense to a level where magic doesn’t threaten you anymore.

You also disregard the huge disadvantage of magic being unable to shorten animation delay and/or casting time, locking the magic user out of combat for a few seconds to prepare an attack.

So, if you wanted to implement shields with magic defense, you’d have to remove all casting time, animation delay and add rooting/disabling effects to all magic circles and channeling attacks for a fair battle environment.

By the way, your suggestion won’t be implemented anyway since the developers acknowledged that because magic damage doesn’t really matter in PVE and PVP, the cloth set is ± abandoned and useless. This is why they are opting to buff magic attacks so people will opt for Cloth armor+shield rather than go full plate&shield instead.

Your suggestion would just result in one thing: making the cloth set completely obsolete,
and that at a time when IMC is planning to add armor attributes for Cleric and Wizard to be locked onto cloth for the most benefits.

Here’s some bonus math for you:

Base mdef at level 390 = 390 mdef
Full +11 T10 Velco plate set = 11548 mdef
Full +11 T10 Drakonas accessory set = 1981 mdef
8 star blue gem on top&bottom armor = 3070 mdef
Pardoners Grace buff = ~ 5%
Nuaele card x 3 = 30%
Enchant Shop x 3 = 15%
Total mdef = 25483

This is without calculating the additional mdef you get from every point invested into CON,
a 500 CON character will have about 3-5k additional mdef (so in total up to 30k mdef without cloth).

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Almost everything you said could be applied to Physical Defense there, Umineko.

Even the physical class trees have plenty of spells that have lame animations and charge times.

I was pondering different shield options a few days ago actually and I would welcome the change considering how OP magic users can be from a range and how much CC is available in the Wizard tree.


As nice of a write up as this is, it doesn’t change his point. There really is no reason not to have more versatile gear options with a magic shield.

I personally think magic shields would be underwhelming (especially in PVP where 3+ base classes are using physical attacks(hence why plate is the clear winner)) but I’m all for versatility.



Just as a example, a velcoffer shield +11 trans 10 gives you 11827 physical def.
The main problem with physical right now on swordsman is Bear that is bugged right now and i hope they fix it soon enough for balancing reasons.

And more options of shield seems a nice a idea. My opinion as a main tank lacking ways and necessity to actually tank in this game.