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New to the game, is Addons still supported?

Just started yesterday and ran across some Addon Threads.

I followed their instructions and ran the Addon Installer, however, the addons are automatically deleted by the patcher when I launch the game.

Are addons still supported/allowed? I couldn’t find any information on this.

Hi there,
As far as i know, some addons are still working but I don’t recommend you to use it. The game now has integrated quite many nice feature already. Using addon may cause crash when new updates come to the game btw.

how about zoomy? I love that one for screenshots XD

i am not sure tbh :sweat_smile: you can give a try. btw a big update is coming by tmr, using addons may cause crash.

if u use Zoomy in PVP/TBL u will be banned

Thanks for all the info. I I’ll stick with standard UI then.

You don’t get banned since the addon simply doesn’t work in pvp.

Oh and a hint for those who use zoomy: if you want to do Gemstone Feud, the addon bugs and will freeze your PoV in the smallest zoom size, making Feud completely unplayable. So you need to disable the addon before (renaming the file for example). Very annoying…

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I just want it to make nice screenshots XD
The last time I installed addon manager the entire game wouldn’t launch though, it made me reinstall everything

zoomy is working…

there’s a discord for addons and related stuff, maybe you’d want to check that out

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