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New swordsman skill liberate

Just how good is it? and also how do you feel about all the sword class tree changes in general?

liberate is very good combine with glassmole for burst. This update is the golden era of spear user, before the next update for rapier user

Would you suggest getting rid of slash and maxing out liberate?

hmm, next update is thrust art, more interesting than slash

it is good well, damage increase attribute is. I noticed that I could kill Amis Dog way faster, but I take more damage. Probably because of the 18 hits Stabbing

what a spear era? see Dragoon? im kinda sad cause the Dragoon class still not good after iTos buffed and Cataphac - Lancer will be God OP in Swordman

the skill enhance description is wrong. it says reduce the duration by 6, but it actually reduces it to 6. big difference.