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New Swordsman Player

Hey Guys, I played at launch and left before I guess rebuild dropped?
Any Way I recently picked it back up ( level 334 now!) and have been enjoying myself.

I saw a couple builds with Blossom Blader and really wanted to try it, and so far ive liked it but am kind of curious.

How well is it for end game DPS? and what should I be putting my attribute points in?

I really enjoy 2h type classes so if there are any other suggestions Im all ears!

I went sword --> Barb–> doppel --> BB for context.

ATm the build you have chosen is essentially considered the best build in the game.
Get the Zornhau [arts] for overheat when you can.

Will do!, that feels like the main skill Ive been spamming through the story. The game loaded me up with Attribute points, Im sitting at 300,980 so not sure where to dump them feels like a lot.

Well that seems excessive haha, is there a general guide which to max first for the build im running?

Mind sharing your build? :smiley:

other said that BB will nerf… dont know if its real